Please offer all pertinent information to this form to better help assess your application.
All we expect of our members is a firm grasp of game mechanics and a good attitude. If you feel you lack either of these please don't bother filling out this form.

You must create a Guildwork account and complete the following from to become a member of Brethren.

The follwing would be an asset:
~ Completed Chains of Promathia 8-4
~ Completed up to Zilart Mission 13
~ Completed up to Treasures of Aht Urghan Mission 17
~ Access to Northland Dynamis's (Beaucedine and Xarcabard). With the new update, the possibility of lowman farming Dynamis on occasion is a possibility for any gear that members may be missing.
~ Multiple lvl 90 jobs. The more jobs you have the less people are forced to come the same job every run.
~ Regular attendance. (We don't expect you to drop your real life for the game but regular absences will limit your ability to lot items)
~ Moderate to excellent End Game experience. We are not looking for elitists but rather people who are confident and not easily detoured by the difficulty involved in some End Game content.

And please remember above all, this is a game and we are here to have fun. If there is something that concerns you about the operation or direction of the shell please be sure to speak to a Sack. We will do our best to resolve all issues but if you feel Brethren is not a suitable fit for you, let us know and you are welcome to find a place more suiting your play style and needs.
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